Selma Ave Hollywood Tree Emergency

If you love the 75 year old trees next to Trader Joe’s on Selma Ave, be warned. The city of Los Angeles is threatening to yet again cut down this gorgeous giant trees who shade millions yearly. Call the Hollywood City Council and tell them to stop the unnessary removal of the trees and to create a park where the parking lot is and the problem will be solved and bring millions more to visit the 90028 zip code in Hollywood, CA. These trees are historical landmarkers that the city of Los Angeles is willing to destroy in the name of “prosperity”. We must save the trees. If you take a look at the horrendous damage on Hollywood Blvd in regards to the trees you will be in shock. Take pictures of any and all trees in Los Angeles before big brother tears them all down so they can see you when the drones come out. We need our shade and our privacy. The city of L.A. will use a likely excuse as good cause to destroy the trees but do not buy their, “but the sidewalk is cracked” story. When was the last side walk you saw the city fix? This isn’t about side walks its about preserving the beauty of an area and recognizing the reason people live in the area is b/c of the beauty. Destroy the beauty and the property values decrease by the hundreds of thousands of dollars per acre. (to be continued)

Author: The LA Show

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