Students strike after classmate was tased |

Texas, one of the biggest police states in the country continues to shine the light on why law enforcement roaming the halls at public schools is a bad idea. It’s a  well known fact now, at least to thinking people, that police departments, branches of military,

and law enforcement continue to hire the least bright among us.  Is it any wonder that they would use taser force on a kid who was the one breaking up the fight?  The worst part is the guilty taser beam operator simply got reassigned to another place of duty. Let’s pray to God it isn’t at another school and let’s hope the bastard isn’t carrying around a taser gun.  On the bright side of things, at least this young generation of Texans might have a fighting chance at waking up to the tyranny all over Texas and the USA.

Students strike after classmate was tased |

The 17-year-old Bastrop county student tased by a school resource officer had surgery Thursday. His family says he fell on his face after the incident.

tased by Bastrop County Deputy Randy McMillan on Wednesday.

danger to society

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