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Healthy Woman Granted Right to Die For Depression – #nowplaying  What happened to “do no harm”? 

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Super Bad News for California and Medical Freedom-Jerry Brown signs California vaccine bill | The Sacramento Bee

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Victory: German Retail Giant Removes Glyphosate from 350 Stores | Health

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Great advice from Joel Osteen on Healthy Eating Habits and setting a good example

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Regarding “Ebola” from the government handbook (FYI)

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Beauty Trick #2-for dark spots

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Veteran MD buys farm and prescribes food as medicine –

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Obamacare Only Enrolled 1.4 Million Previously Uninsured Individuals | Washington Free Beacon

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KNX 1070 Investigation: More Calif. Doctors Illegally Charging Insured Patients Extra Fees « CBS Los Angeles

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California court revives suit claiming woman frozen alive in morgue | The Daily Gawk